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You will: 

  • Bring decision makers to the call, although we ask that you limit it to no more than 3 team members so that we can have the most productive conversation.


  • Share an overview of your values: what matters to you and your team.


  • Share an overview of your project: would you like to do? Develop a marketing plan? Launch a blog? Design a client magazine? Something else?


  • Share the business goals you’d like to achieve: would you like to generate more leads for an existing service? Sell a new product? Break into a new market? Something else?


  • Share a general budget for your marketing. (Project minimums start at 10k.)

We will: 

  • Listen and offer suggestions based on our experience and best marketing practices.

  • Determine whether there’s a fit and compile what we’ve heard into a no-obligation proposal and quote for future work together, to be delivered after the call.

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