Great visuals begin with a sense of purpose.

The purpose is to connect with your audience.

Seed Marketing Studio operates with the philosophy that all of your marketing efforts work together for good. Social media, advertising campaigns, websites, blogs — each one is part of a coordinated effort to attract people to your product or service.

This symphony of tools and platforms is known as omnichannel marketing. By intentionally conducting a cohesive experience for your audience, you increase conversion success exponentially. 

What do static, animated, and video content have to do with that?

A lot.

Your brand is one story told in many ways, and the visuals are a key element of that storytelling. When a potential customer or client engages with your brand on Instagram, they should be left with the same feeling that they have when they receive one of your emails or visit your website.

Cohesive visuals help that along.

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Our creative process supports omnichannel initiatives.

At Seed Marketing Studio, we constantly consider the big picture. The graphic we create for you today has the potential to take on many lives, appearing in ads, social media, blog posts, content pages on your website, and presentations. So, we’re not sloppy. You could say we’re painstakingly deliberate. Every piece of creative is understood as a puzzle piece that will ultimately play a role in many scenarios.

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Seed Marketing Studio
Seed Marketing Studio
Seed Marketing Studio

Creative Content FAQ


How can I be sure that I will like the creative you make for my business?

We will work with you to scope out the details using a creative brief that specifies your audience’s characteristics, brand parameters, and campaign goals. The #1 goal is to trigger a specified reaction from potential customers or clients.

I do want our creative to align with our goals and needs, but there’s more: will it have the intangible qualities that stir emotions?

Yes. We take time to understand your audience, helping us connect with them on a core emotional level. 

Will you develop creative for my business independent of a marketing strategy?

Let’s talk about it. If you already have a strategy in place — and it’s working for you — we can contribute to the cause. We can also develop creative for you as a starting point for deeper conversations about your marketing strategy if you don’t have one in place.

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