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Want your social channels to thrive and generate new business?


You need a plan.

“We should have more of a presence on Facebook,” she said.

“We made a page when we started the business, but we haven’t posted there in weeks. I’ll post something today,” he replied.

And that’s how the social media story so often goes for a business.

What’s missing?

  • Goal-setting: Define the ROI you’re after.
  • Refining: Decide which social media platforms are best for your business.
  • Differentiating: Get clear on the difference between organic content and advertising content. Advertising content falls into digital campaigns and is part of a separate strategy.
  • Budgeting: Add a line item in your marketing budget for social media creative and another for organic post promotion.
  • Assigning: Identify the team that will consistently produce your social media content, respond to posts, and curate your feed.
  • Planning: Make a content calendar that aligns with your marketing strategy.
  • Creating: Develop static, animated, and video content that’s in lockstep with your brand guide and appealing to your audience.
  • Executing: Post consistently on the best days and best times of day to optimize reach.
  • Reviewing: Meet with your team to assess outcomes based on the data and decide on your next steps.
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Give your team a roadmap to social media success, and they will succeed.


social media seed marketing studio
content strategy seed marketing studio

The good news?

Social media success is

well within reach. 

You can grow a loyal tribe of followers.
You can deliver the messages they need to hear.
You can attract engagement and trigger sharing.
And once your social community is thriving, your social network will drive conversions and therefore sales.

Ready to get social media savvy?

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