Copywriting for LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Copywriting, when it’s good, takes the reader on a journey. Words describe, with elegance and precision, how your healthcare services will impact their lives.

Words inform, educate, and ultimately convince a new patient to trust you. Words are a magnet or repellent. 

Good copywriting understands the audience, using tone as a tool and words as a wedge, cracking the door to a connection where there previously was none.

Copywriting, when it’s good, attracts new patients.

(And that’s your goal, right? To extend your services.)

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Seed Marketing Studio provides written content with the following qualities:

  • Culturally competent
  • Deeply-researched
  • Elegantly and thoughtfully composed
  • Optimized based on keyword research
  • Accurately representative of your brand

Good copywriting is a game-changing marketing activity. Yet too often, copywriting is relegated to a marketing director, a marketing intern, or someone else in the organization who knows a lot about your services but doesn’t have 10-15 free hours per week to generate the amount of content that is needed to break through.

Copywriting is too essential to be an afterthought.

Our copywriting process is extensive and detailed at Seed Marketing Studio, fine-tuned over years of writing as journalists and content creators. We interview stakeholders, conduct market research, analyze data, review the history of your messaging, and apply SEO.

Case in point: we were able to use copy to lift our LGBTQ+ healthcare client from page three search results for targeted keywords all the way to the number three spot on the first page. And we accomplished that for them in just one year!

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    Are you ready to look at examples of our copywriting that’s focused on the LGBTQ+ healthcare audience?


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