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With so many emails filling up everyone’s inboxes, and so many other marketing options on the table,

Does email marketing even matter anymore?

Let’s back up a little bit. What you definitely want are leads and conversions. This we can agree on. Campaigns that generate leads give you a customer’s name, email address, possibly their phone number, and even other things like their physical address and survey responses.

When you ask for those things, you need to know what you’ll do with them. These customer details are compiled in a CRM and help you paint a picture of your customer. 

The more contacts you have, the better picture you have of your ideal customer – and the more ways you have to reach them. What’s more, when leads give you their contact information, they’re signaling that they trust you in their inbox and on their phones, and would like to start what will hopefully be an ongoing conversation.

In this context, email and SMS text marketing are particularly powerful, considering that potential customers are inviting you to speak to them. Sending a steady stream of polished, focused emails and/or SMS content can activate them as customers.

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Email & SMS Automation Platforms

Hubspot. Mailchimp. ActiveCampaign. Sendinblue. SharpSpring. Keap. Mailchimp. There are many email and SMS automation platforms on the market, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’ve already adopted one. Maybe you’re trying to decide which one is best for your business. 

Seed Marketing Studio recommends using a platform that offers both email automation and SMS text marketing.

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Why should I mess with SMS?

When you place an order online, don’t you like getting that text telling you your order is just ten stops away? When you sign up for a lead generation campaign and share your phone number, isn’t it a gift to receive a text offering you 25% off that thing you were interested in when you signed up?

SMS is effective when it provides value to your customer. The same is true for emails.

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What makes a good marketing email?


Let’s answer that question with a question: Would you ever send someone an email “just because”? If you said yes, you’re a true romantic and someone we’d like to know. In business, though, that’s not a good idea.

Setting up an automated series of emails should lead your audience somewhere specific. You’ve got to inspire them, engage them, unite them, excite them – and ultimately ask them to make a purchasing decision.

Want to learn more about how email and SMS marketing can grow revenue?

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