Digital Campaigns

Google. Facebook. Reddit. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram. Linkedin. So many advertising platforms, so little time. The mind boggles. 

Where do I begin?

When it comes to digital campaigns, we like to start simple, gather data, analyze it, then build a program one step at a time. Go big or go home does not apply here.

There are many types of campaigns. Seed Marketing Studio focuses on brand awareness ads, lead generation ads, and conversion ads. Are you looking to grow your contact list? Or are you going straight for sales conversions?

Brand Awareness Ads

Do your ideal clients and customers know your brand by name? Whether your business is new, you are rolling out a new product, or reviving an old product, brand awareness ads might be right for you. The goals are to distinguish your brand from the competition; trigger engagement in the form of clicking, liking, and sharing; and to be remembered.

brand awareness ad seed marketing studio

Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads help you collect information from potential customers so you can market to them. In the simplest terms, lead ads work like this:

seed conversion campaigns

Lead Generation Ad FAQ

What are those “good things” first mentioned in Letter E in the graphic above, the EXPOSURE component?

This refers to an offer of some kind of “gift” – a coupon, a giveaway, a free consultation, a chance to win something.

Why do I need to offer customers a gift? Don’t I want something from them?

If you want customers to click, they need to see value. And yes, you want something from them: all that valuable data they provide through your collection form. Value + Value = Everybody Wins!

Other than a good offer, what makes customers click?

The more appealing your ad creative is, the more likely customers are to click on your ad. You have to do some work to earn their INTEREST. Seed Marketing Studio creates gorgeous static, animated, and video ads and writes click-worthy copy.

Ready to get leads?

Conversion Ads

And then there are the fundamentals of conversion ads, which are designed to make sales and book appointments. they are the most direct route to a sale.

seed conversion campaigns
Seed Marketing Studio
Seed Marketing Studio
Seed Marketing Studio

Conversion Ad FAQ

When is a conversion ad a better fit than a lead generation ad?

If you have products and services ready to sell right now, conversion ads are the fastest way to address your inventory. If your product or service is ready for market but requires a longer lead time than instant gratification selling, lead generation ads give you customer contacts to speak to so that you can encourage sales over time.

Does retargeting really work?

Yes, it does. Customers typically need to be exposed to your product or service 7 or more times before they are ready to make a commitment.

Other than setting up an optimized ad campaign with fantastic creative, what else can you do to increase conversion?

The page your customers land on is everything. We create landing pages (or work with your web development team to create them) that pave the way for an instant transaction.

Ready to sell?

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