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Marketing campaigns, if you’re running them right, produce data. A lot of it. 

Are you paying attention to the signals your data is giving off?

Probably not, if you don’t have a plan to collect the data from your campaigns and a proper place to store what you collect.

marketing tech stack seed
marketing tech stack seed studio

This is where your marketing tech stack comes in.

A tech stack, for the uninitiated, is the set of digital tools you use to run your business. You’ve probably already made and implemented some of these decisions already.

To store documents: Do you use OneDrive or Google Drive, or Dropbox, or something else?

To send emails: Do you use Outlook or Gmail? Do you access it through those apps, or Spark, or Airmail? 

What you quickly discover is some of these tools play nicely with each other by fusing seamlessly, and some of them just…don’t. 

You also figure out that because there are so many options for even simple business tasks like email, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and just give up when it comes to choosing marketing technology that could truly benefit your business. 

There’s a better way, and we’d like to illuminate that for you.

Many companies run their marketing programs through … wait for it … spreadsheets. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a good, old-fashioned Excel file, it will struggle to connect the dots between campaigns and touchpoints along your customers’ journey. Spreadsheets cannot shine a light on the complexity of modern omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Through our work with companies of all sizes, we’ve vetted hundreds of marketing tools, taking into consideration budget, functionality, and integration with existing technology. 

We can recommend chatbots, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management databases), marketing automation suites, email marketing software, influencer platforms, social media schedulers, paid advertising management systems, and so much more. They will all work together symphonically to optimize your modern marketing efforts. 

If you’ve ever seen the graphic below that shows the 8000+ marketing tools available to you right now, you recognize that putting together a marketing suite is no small feat.

    seed marketing studio tech stack
    CRM tech stack seed marketing studio

    Let us build you a marketing tech stack that does what it needs to:


    With our help, you can collect and analyze data to create business insights, and ensure that your marketing is on track.

    What will be in your stack?

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