Copywriting, when it’s good, takes the reader on a journey. Words describe, with elegance and precision, how your product or service will impact their lives.

Words inform, educate, and ultimately convince a new customer to take a chance on your product or service. 

Good copywriting understands the audience, using tone as a tool and words as a wedge, cracking the door to a connection where there previously was none.

Copywriting, when it’s good, makes you money and wins you fans.

(If you’ve read this far, you’re proving our point.)

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Loosely defined, copywriting comprises all these things:

  • The words that live on your website
  • The words you use in your corporate biographies, internal company history, and outward-facing company narratives
  • The words that you share in all marketing and public communications
  • The words you use in your products and services, including on the packaging

Copywriting is a game-changing, revenue-generating marketing activity. It makes the difference between a person choosing your product over another or a person actually using your product after they’ve chosen it.

Yet too often, copywriting is relegated to a product owner, or a marketing intern, or someone else in the company who knows a lot about your services but who is not a writer.

Copywriting is too essential to be an afterthought.

Our copywriting process is extensive and detailed at Seed Marketing Studio, fine-tuned over years of writing as journalists and content creators. We interview stakeholders, conduct market research, analyze data, review the history of your messaging, and apply SEO.

Case in point: we were able to rewrite a client’s sequence of sales emails that resulted in a 32% increase in open rate and 20k in additional revenue. 

The best copywriting involves split testing different messages, following the numbers to understand what activates your client base. 

It involves understanding the psychology of selling, what makes people fall in love with a brand and remain loyal to it over time. 

It involves understanding the marketplace and how your product or service should be positioned to highlight your strengths.

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    If your marketing is struggling, words are the difference-maker.


    You want to use the best words. 

    You want to use the least words. 

    You want to use the right words. 

    Because when you do, magic happens.

    Ready to make magic happen?

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