Content Strategy

Content is the stuff. Words, pictures, graphics, videos.

But what drives the creation of those elements?

Content Strategy

Content strategy is an extension of your marketing strategy. Business goals are defined and a content creation and distribution plan is designed – for one purpose alone: to help you achieve your business goals.

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Content Audit & Cuts

Once your business goals are clearly expressed in a strategic document and KPIs are established, it’s time to review all your existing content and catalog it. That catalog is scrutinized in light of the strategy, and not all content will make it past the cutting room floor.

“But we made fifteen awesome videos last year and we want to use them.”

“We have had an active blog for five years – what about all those posts?”

“Those 287 posts we put on Instagram – do some get deleted?”

It’s important not to put the cart before the horse: your existing content should not be a driver in the creation of your content strategy. Good content isn’t just content that you and everyone else like. Good content is that which helps you achieve your business goals. Chances are that some or even most of your older content still has a value in future plans.

Content Plan & Content Calendars

A content plan brings order into your business world. You’re making decisions about:

  • Which platforms to engage with and why
  • Who will be creating the content 
  • What kinds of content pieces will be created and how many 

It’s a roadmap that structures your content marketing activities.

Content calendars organize your creative in a variety of ways:

  • By platform
  • By topic
  • By release date
  • And there are many more ways to slice and dice it!
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Seed Marketing Content Production

Keeping your marketing moving with extraordinary detail:

Content production plans are strategically placed within your content calendars:

✦ Link to production notes
✦ Due date for first draft
✦ Link to draft review notes
✦ Due date for final version

To keep production on track, we’ll meet with you to share our suggestions and listen to your guidance and preferences. These ideas will be collected into production notes, which are shared with the creatives making your content and everyone on the review team. This planning session is the key to success if timeliness and quality are your priorities.

When it’s time to review the first draft, the production notes are the benchmark that the review team uses to gauge the integrity of the draft. Any misalignment between the production notes and the draft is addressed formally in review notes, which are then shared with the creatives making your content. At this point, a final version is imminent.

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Content Strategy FAQ


Do I really need a content strategy when I already have a marketing strategy?

You do. When you’re using content as your primary means for achieving business goals, a strategy tuned to content is a must.

How sticky is a content strategy? Does it change?

Because your company leadership is aligned on business goals, and the content strategy is based on those business goals, the document should have a long life. There may be sections that are revised over time, especially the parts that describe how content is used to achieve goals.

It’s not working. Should I ditch my content strategy?

If a year has passed and your content isn’t doing the things you need it to do, go back to the drawing board. But if you are only three months in and becoming impatient, sit tight. Content marketing is a long game.

We will use tracking and data interpretation tools to help you determine what’s working, what’s not, and what adjustments need to be made.

Ready to define your content goals?

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