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The 4 Pillars of Marketing: Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile

by | May 26, 2022 | Blogging, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Writing

[Note: This is the first post [Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile] in a series called “The Four Pillars of Marketing”]

If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, you’re in the right place. 

Yes, you. Whether you’ve just finished drafting your business plan and are getting ready to launch your business with your ideal customer profile or you’re managing an established company with multiple departments, you are going to find value in this series. 

Through decades of combined experience, our Orlando marketing agency has come to identify 4 foundational components to a good marketing strategy–and we often find that at least one (if not more) of these pillars are missing when we first start working with a client. This typically slows down our ability to provide improved results as we work out and build the missing piece. So making sure this foundation is in place will immediately give you a step up, and it will save your marketing agency time, allowing them to start hitting the ground running immediately and get you results. 

Pillar 1: Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile

Target demographic, audience persona, buyer persona–you’ve heard them countless times. You’ve got a rough idea of what your company’s ideal customer profile is, but have you put enough detail and thought into effectively integrating this key information with your business strategy? 

Any entrepreneur would love the opportunity to have the entire world at their doorstep, clients and customers alike ready for your services and goods–no matter who they are or where they’ve come from. But the reality is that a marketing strategy without a very specific population in mind is not going to perform as well. Your yoga program isn’t going to appeal to a cisgender male farmer in his 60s the same way it would to a woman in her 30s with an interest in wellness. 

By pinpointing your ideal customer profile and buyer personas, you can better situate your offerings in the right places at the right times to reach the right people.

So What Exactly Are Ideal Customer Profiles and Audience Personas?

An audience persona (or buyer persona) is a fictional profile that visualizes and details the common traits of people in a similar group that your goods or services would appeal to. 

An ideal customer profile is essentially your best audience persona — your ideal customer who is most likely to buy, most likely to be loyal, and most likely to provide the highest lifetime value. 

Identifying your audience personas and ideal customer profile directly enables you to put yourself in the shoes of your customer, outline their buyer journey, and identify platforms and interests that will best introduce you to your target audience. 

Healthcare Industry Persona Example

Let’s say that you are the CMO of a non-profit healthcare clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. The clinic’s founder, having grown up in poverty and witnessing the poor health conditions in those of lower socioeconomic statuses, created the clinic with the intent of serving the underserved. On a regular basis, your clinic sees patients from all sorts of walks of life–one of which is the LGBTQ+ population. To better reach this demographic, you develop a buyer persona: Alexander.

Ideal Customer Profile - Personas

Based on the development of this buyer persona, you then lead an initiative to improve your clinic’s website quality and invest in a phone system that ensures someone is able to answer the phone, even if the receptionist is out. You begin the development of a campaign to advertise your clinic’s testing capabilities. Within the next year, you are able to see an increase in this particular demographic visiting your clinic. 

Tips To Help You Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

To get started on developing your customer profile, we recommend you begin by reviewing your existing information regarding who is currently drawn to your offerings (or prospective competitors, if your business hasn’t seen much traffic yet). Conduct interviews to better learn about the experiences and motivations of your existing customer base. 

Once you’ve outlined the demographic that your company is currently seeing, follow up by reviewing your services and confirming the market needs they are meeting. Look into research on age, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic statuses, and more to narrow in on particular groups who are best served by your offerings. Start filling in information around the age, income, occupation, background, values, and frustrations to complete your first buyer persona!

And if you’re looking for an Orlando marketing agency to help you complete your ideal customer profile and get your marketing strategies launched, give us a call and follow us on our social media channels. 



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