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Voice: Writing Blog Content for LGBTQ+ Audiences

by | May 25, 2022 | Blogging, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Writing

The word “blog” means different things to different people. For Seed’s clients, blog content is written to journalistic standards, derived from quality source material including interviews, academic research, and established references. When a client asks us to create blog posts for their website, we tap into our endless curiosity to uncover the most interesting and relevant information on a given topic.

It Starts With Planning Your Blog Content

Last year, one of our clients decided to revive their LGBTQ+-focused blog, which had gone stale, by “upgrading” all their old posts, transforming them with deep edits, new graphics, and rigorous SEO keywording. That project brought new life to their blog, which now publishes world-class content every week.

We helped them establish blog content categories that tie back to their organization’s services and the services their patients rely on most. Then we produced a blog content calendar with topics that would be interesting to their community while (a) boosting their website’s SEO, (b) providing content flow for their eNewsletter and blog, and (c) revealing their organization’s unique value proposition in comparison to competitors.

Check out a sprinkling of the content that emerged from this process.

Your Blog Grows With Understanding

With a solid annual plan in place, our team meets with our writers, choosing the ones who best understand and support the core values of the organization we’re writing for. Their voices become the voice of the client, and we give our client every reason to trust us with that.

There’s nothing random about the writers we bring on board. We are blessed with relationships with very adept, very experienced writers who are part of the communities they write for and about. This is the case for every vertical in which we have clients.

Blog Content Shows With an Engaged, Expanding Audience

Guess what? There’s no vanity in a blog. A blog is a hard-working engine that functions with a purpose. Yes, you should telegraph your organization’s mission to the world. Yes, you need to provide value by reaching your audience with relevant content. AND your website needs the constant addition of strongly keyworded content in order to thrive in the competitive search landscape that has such a major impact on the health of organizations.

We’ll continue to share our insights on any future Page updates.

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