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Logo Expression: Infuse Your Marketing Content With Your Brand

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Creative, Design

You have a logo. Make it go the distance with creative application on visuals for all your channels. We never watch sports on t.v. at home.

We rarely talk about it either. Still, there are certain images that are emblazoned on the minds of most Americans – and some images are known to all citizens of the world. There is no escape.

Brand Recognition

When my daughter was much younger, maybe six years old, we were at a stoplight behind another car. I asked my little one if she recognized the decal on the back window of the car in front of us. “That’s Michael Jordan.”

And what shoes does he wear? “Nike.”

I’ll admit that while the NBA doesn’t excite me the way it once did, I still have a Nike fixation. The proof is on my feet and in my closet: AF-1 is my shoe of choice, but let’s not forget about Air Max 90 and Cortez. I like the swoosh. I’m not alone in that.

Two of the most recognizable global brands — Jordan and Nike — are so ubiquitous that the creatives at Nike headquarters can slap that dunk or that swoosh anywhere and their work is done. 

But what about your brand? Are you using your logo in a way that gets you marketing mileage?

Logo as Marketing

One of our clients came to us with an established logo — and versions of that logo — that we believe can go the distance.

Here’s their primary logo:

26health logo

And here’s their secondary:

26health watermark logo

We noticed that the watermark version was already being incorporated into some of their Linkedin posts, and we liked it.

Logo Usage Case Study

As we developed the client’s blog, we asked our graphic designer to play with the watermark as part of the featured images for blog posts. Here’s what she did:

26health blog seed marketing studio
prep 26health blog seed marketing studio

Featured images should always be included in post metadata so that when the posts are shared on marketing platforms like social media, the featured images display. When viewed on social media, 26Health’s posts stand out as uniquely theirs because the featured images are undeniably tied to their identity.

Would it be faster to select featured images from a stock photo service and post them as they are? Yes. Would it be cheaper? Yes, indeed. Would the 26Health brand be elevated if we were to go the usual route? Nope.

Marketing Success Through Differentiation

In marketing, it’s the details that count, but not everyone wants to take time to dig into the details. Instant turnaround is often valued over careful deliberation. Consider this: Not only is there great joy in following the path less traveled, but there is also great reward. The SEO benefits of a well-trafficked blog are well-established, and riveting featured images do direct traffic. If you’re on Facebook, and you see two posts linking to the same blog,

⌲ Which one stands out?
⌲ Which one belongs to a unique brand?
⌲ Which one are you more likely to click?


blog featured image comparison

The choice on the left is a classic. Hundreds of health brands have used the image, to the point where it is meaningless. It’s not possible to associate the image with a particular brand or healthcare provider.

The choice on the right has never been used by anyone but 26Health because it’s custom. The photo of the woman is actually a stock photo, but used in this context, as a building block that’s one of several layers (including branding) of visual appeal, it takes on a life of its own.

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