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Is It Time to Create a Facebook Group for Your Business?

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Social Media

Remember when following fan pages was a thing? Facebook offers another way to engage with audiences and place your brand consistently in front of your customers. These groups create a sense of community, and what’s better than getting a group of people together who love your products or services? These groups can boost your products’ visibility to current customers and potential new customers. Plus, they allow your business to have a glimpse into what people are saying about using your company, brand, product, or service.

Private or Public?

Facebook groups can either be private, where users must send an invite, or public, where anyone can see the content being posted. Having your page set to private creates a sense of exclusivity and helps moderators prevent spam from filling up your page.

Peloton is an excellent example of an exclusive group. To be a part of the Peloton community, you need to have purchased their equipment. Once you’re admitted into their group, you have access to exclusive updates, news, and a network of other like-minded individuals who help other Peloton users on their journey to wellness.

They keep this group private to foster a sense of privacy and safety, so members can feel transparent about sharing personal information regarding their products.

Don’t Use Groups to Advertise

While you can post about updates within the company, Facebook groups are not a place to push your products. Depending on what type of group you have created, the people who belong to it are most likely already customers. Use these groups to foster a sense of community, instead of having people feel like they just signed up for more ad campaigns.

I recently purchased an InstantPot and decided to join a group on Facebook for other owners! The group shares recipes and tips that people have tried while giving a space for people to ask questions or troubleshoot issues that they’re having with their InstantPot. This group has over two million members that share how much they love using their InstantPot (and that can be more effective in generating excitement than most ad campaigns).

Utilize These Pages

While these groups create a sense of community, they can also be a gold mine of information about your products or services! These groups show you what issues people may be having with your product and their initial responses! If they’re having positive experiences, you’ll see many people praising it and showing unique ways that they’re using it.

You can use these groups to ask open-ended questions or host Facebook Live events to get users engaged! With the current pandemic causing most people to stay home, everyone is looking for safe activities to join that’ll mix up their day a little bit.

Facebook Groups can be a tremendous marketing aid in boosting interaction with your product or service! Facebook, in general, can be a beneficial component in your marketing efforts, but only if your target audience is active on it.

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