Sarah Kinbar

Co-founder, Content Strategy Consultant, & Director of Client Services

Ask me: Why I’m a Dave Chappelle superfan. 

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Communicating with our prospective and current clients – which involves as much listening as it does talking. Meet with me by clicking HERE.

Skills & expertise: Initiating and growing relationships. Uncovering growth strategies for clients while developing their content.

Past roles: Editor-in-Chief of Garden Design & American Photo magazines, freelance writer for design and lifestyle publications.

Sarah Kinbar Seed marketing Studio

Anna Powers

Anna Powers Seed Marketing Studio

Co-founder, Content Strategy Consultant, & Director of Creative Services

Ask me: How to become a La Croix expert. (Spoiler: Key Lime is clearly the best flavor.)

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Guiding our internal team to create best-in-class content.

Skills & expertise: Seeing how all the pieces fit together. Coaching others to reach their highest selves.

Past roles: Head of Marketing at Vortala & Finexio, SEO team leader, freelance writer for lifestyle brands and technology companies.

Michele Richardson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ask me: Why I’m a lover of all things youth, high school, college, and NFL football. I even played for the Marine Corps team!

Location: Atlanta, GA

What I work on: Planning, executing, and reporting on client digital marketing campaigns.

Skills & expertise: Creating inbound and outbound strategies, generating leads, and optimizing content for search engines.

Past roles: Digital marketing specialist for Accenture, Sage One, and Manheim; also a U.S. Marine.

Michele Richardson Seed Marketing Studio

McKinney Griffin

McKinney Griffin Seed Marketing Studio

Visual Content Creator

Ask me: Why I love anime. 

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Creating videos, capturing photography, and narrating voiceovers that visualize our clients’ purpose.

Skills & expertise: Turning the mundane into the incredible through cinematography.

Past roles: Content creator for Movieguide, Kingdom Flex Fitness, Studio 18, Healright, Deeper Fellowship Church, and musician Aubrey West.

Annie Kofoed

Project Manager

Ask me about: Lifehacks to work WITH your anxiety/depression/ADHD rather than against them.

Location: Provo, UT

What I work on: I’m the engine of the company; I keep things running smoothly to ensure the success of client projects.

Skills & expertise: My superpower is skillfully switching between many hats — monitoring projects, helping complete tasks from a variety of areas — visual design, writing, to technical backend campaigns automations.

Past roles: I have gained a significant amount of experience in handling CRMs (specifically Infusionsoft) and split-testing variables to continually improve marketing efforts.

Annie Kofoed

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