Sarah Kinbar

Co-founder, Content Strategy Consultant, & Director of Client Services

Ask me: Why I’m a Dave Chappelle superfan. 

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Communicating with our prospective and current clients – which involves as much listening as it does talking. Meet with me by clicking HERE.

Skills & expertise: Initiating and growing relationships. Uncovering growth strategies for clients while developing their content.

Past roles: Editor-in-Chief of Garden Design & American Photo magazines, freelance writer for design and lifestyle publications.

Sarah Kinbar Seed marketing Studio

Anna Powers

Anna Powers Seed Marketing Studio

Co-founder, Content Strategy Consultant, & Director of Creative Services

Ask me: How to become a La Croix expert. (Spoiler: Key Lime is clearly the best flavor.)

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Guiding our internal team to create best-in-class content.

Skills & expertise: Seeing how all the pieces fit together. Coaching others to reach their highest selves.

Past roles: Head of Marketing at Vortala & Finexio, SEO team leader, freelance writer for lifestyle brands and technology companies.

Liyya Hassanali

Content Strategist & Project Manager

Ask me: How I’m the biz at meal prep. It’s all about that Tupperware life.

Location: Windermere, FL

What I work on: Helping manage OCM clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

Skills & expertise: Writing creative briefs and assignments and nurturing interpersonal relationships.

Past roles: Content developer & strategist for Wonder Bread, Macy’s, and Sotheby’s International Realty.

Liyya Hassanali Seed Marketing Studio

Tymothy Johnson

Tymothy Johnson Seed Marketing Studio

Sales Manager

Ask me: How I got involved with water skiing.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

What I work on: Sourcing and advising potential clients on their growth.

Skills & expertise: Connecting digital marketing to actual revenue.

Past roles: Pro bono work for Local First Arizona to help local businesses pivot their business plans during COVID. Currently working on a Masters degree in Global Management.

Michele Richardson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ask me: Why I’m a lover of all things youth, high school, college, and NFL football. I even played for the Marine Corps team!

Location: Atlanta, GA

What I work on: Planning, executing, and reporting on client digital marketing campaigns.

Skills & expertise: Creating inbound and outbound strategies, generating leads, and optimizing content for search engines.

Past roles: Digital marketing specialist for Accenture, Sage One, and Manheim; also a U.S. Marine.

Michele Richardson Seed Marketing Studio

McKinney Griffin

McKinney Griffin Seed Marketing Studio

Visual Content Creator

Ask me: Why I love anime. 

Location: Orlando, FL

What I work on: Creating videos, capturing photography, and narrating voiceovers that visualize our clients’ purpose.

Skills & expertise: Turning the mundane into the incredible through cinematography.

Past roles: Content creator for Movieguide, Kingdom Flex Fitness, Studio 18, Healright, Deeper Fellowship Church, and musician Aubrey West.

Georgiana Draghici

Graphic Designer

Ask me: Why I love Marcel Duchamp.

Location: Craiova, Romania

What I work on: Developing a unique, cohesive, and compelling style for clients’ blogs, emails, websites, and social media.

Skills & expertise: Creating a mood that matches client goals and persuades people to click.

Past roles: Marketing designer for Perfect Patients & Smile Marketing, designer for the Romanian national musical and dance festival Micul Virtuoz for children, held in Bucharest.

Georgiana Draghici Seed Marketing Studio

Elizabeth VanCuren

Elizabeth Vancuren Seed Marketing Studio

Intern Extraordinaire

Ask me about: Why understanding your natal chart placements are important. Trust me, the stars don’t lie.

Location: Miami, FL

What I work on: Managing client communications, keywording for SEO, and internal marketing for Seed Marketing Studio.

Skills & expertise: Solving problems and bringing a zen calm to any room I’m in.

Past roles: High school and Valencia College student. Currently studying at Florida International University.

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